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District 45 Pins

I haven’t fallen down a deep hole – yet!  As previously mentioned, our district is interested in having pins made to depict “Dual is Cool”. 


We found this picture on the internet.  If we use the leaves and ring and put the “Dual is Cool” on the ring we think it would be sharp.  The pin can be round, square, oval or follow the shape of the leaves.  The pin can be one colour (silver).  The ring should state “Dual is Cool” and “District 45” if possible, or “D45” if too tight.  We want two leaves to demonstrate the “dual”. 


Can you provide us with a mock-up and a cost?  We think that 500 pins should be sufficient, but not sure.  So options would be great for us to consider.


Thank you for your assistance!  We look forward to receiving the mock-up and pricing information.


Warm regards,