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Screen Print Pins

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Size:1.0inch    thickness:1.2mm
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Custom print pins, print pins with custom design content and epoxy dome. We produce and wholesale the custom print pins at factory price.

Custom Lapel Pins

To make the print pins be heavy like the soft enamel pins, lot of people like the heavy print pins, because of the inexpensive cost and great looking. We can make the print pins the same heavy like the soft enamel pins, that is popular and welcome for most of clients.

Baseball pins most with the complex colors, and if you want the custom design baseball pins to be exactly the same with the team logo, make it to be soft enamel will cause high cost, and use the print process will save much money.

Print pins have different process and different calling name, it also knows as silkscreen, offset print, photo print, 4C print. To recreate exact the same design with the logo, you can choose the photo print process. Also called 4 colors print.

For the photo print pins, if you want to keep the metal lines in the logo, we also can do that. We can make the photo print lapel pins with metal lines or silver lines, just like you can find in the soft enamel, which let the print pins looks classic.

Our print pins thickness can be same with other process custom pins, the thickness can be from 0.5mm-2.0mm, even 3mm is ok for us.

This will satisfy the people who like heavy pins.

Our print pins lead time will be more fast than other process custom pins, the production time can be 7-10days, no matter how complex your design is. For most complex design the production lead time at least is 10-15dyas.

This will satisfy the people who need the pins urgently.

Our print pins can keep the design exactly the same what you want, no need to delete or change any parts of your logo.


This will satisfy the people who do like exactly their original design.

Our print pins can be more cheap than other process, you can save about 20-50% cost to choose the print pins.

This will satisfy the people who is limited by the buget.

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