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Cut out Shape Pins

Cut out Shape Pins

Product Parms/Size
Size:2inch    thickness:2.0mm
Material:iron steel
  • Cut out Shape Pins

 Custom die struck pins,custom die struck pins with soft enamel or hard enamel. We produce and wholesale the custom die struck pins at factory price.

Custom Lapel Pins

Die struck pins.

Why choose die struck pins?

As one of the most popular choice of lapel pins, die struck pins offer a visible appearance. In this style pins, there is no color filled in, only the metal lines, raised metal gives a traditional look. The raised metal will be plated with different colors, so the pins will represent different level.

Currently available color for the die struck lapel pins have 4 style which are the most popular, in gold, silver, copper, and antique style.

The silver color normally instead by the nickel plating color, because silver very easy get dirty and not durable.

Good looking not the only reason you choose the die struck pins, some design do only need to choose this process.

Some design with cut through parts, and the text need to cut out the shape, need to die cut the holes to make the text be visable.

How to make the die struck pins?

Before die struck, need to make a die mold, and then stamp the design on the metal sheet, at this time, you may see the design sign in the metal. The following step is just cut out this sign, or cut out the no need parts, to come out a small lapel pins the same shape and the same look as the proof.


Base on this semi lapel pins, we need to polish the surface to be shinny and then plate the required plating colors, after the plating, all is ok, and it is what you want.


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