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Flower Pins

Flower Pins

Custom Design Different Flower Pins, with the special flower shape.

Flower plants with ornamental value, used as a general name for plants to appreciate, and have a variety of species, which are hardy and Hardy, and have short propagation functions. A typical flower bearing a calyx and petals and stamens and pistils producing a generative cell on a short axis of finite growth. The flower corolla, calyx, receptacle, flower, there are a variety of colors, some very showy, fragrant.

Some scholars think that the spores and leaves of gymnosperms are also flowers, while most people think that angiosperms have real flowers, so angiosperms are also known as flowering plants. Various parts of flowers are not easily affected by the external environment. For a long time, people have used flower morphology and structure as the main basis for angiosperm classification and systematic evolution (see angiosperm door).

What flowers do you like? 

Why do humans perceive flowers as beautiful or attractive?

You can design the flower pins base on the answer of the questions. Make your flower lapel pins more attractive and let more people like it.