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California Lapel Pins

California Lapel Pins

California Lapel Pins with enamel color no minimum order.

The california lapel pin is custom design soft enamel lapel pins. The shape is round. The plaitng is gold. The backside is butterfly clutch.

Province of California is the United States on the western Pacific drift, the state government is situated in Sacramento. North of Oregon, east limits Nevada and (Arizona lapel pins), south of Mexico, west of the Pacific Ocean. Territory 411013 square kilometer, its name is taken from the name of a little island in the Spanish legend. California is the most created condition of horticulture in the United States. 


California northwest corner of the Redwood National Park; eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains on the west side of the mountain foothills Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon National Park; southeastern Death Valley National Park, Joshua Tree National Park. Widely acclaimed "Hollywood" and "Silicon Valley" are in the state. 


The state blossom is brilliant poppy. State fowl is California Valley Quail. The state tree is California Redwood. The state witticism is "I have discovered it". 


This California lapel pins comparable plan as Arkansas lapel pins: gold round shape with dark words around edge. "CALIFORNIA",two stars and "Joined STATES OF AMERICA". Focus is the USA banner and California delineate, long left and numerous island at base.