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Animal Lapel Pins

Animal Lapel Pins

3 Ways to Make Custom Animal Lapel Pins in 7days!

Which animal you like?

Different animal will use the different way to maek custom pins.

Some animal use the 3D lapel pins, some animal use the enamel lapel pins, some animal use the print lapel pins.

Which style lapel pins you want?

Do you like 3D die struck pins without enamle, do you like the enamel colorful lapel pins?

Where you want to use the animal to?

For big amount lapel pins used for promotion, the cheap way is best choose.

Follwoing information help to design custom lapel pins.


According to the characteristics of various animal taxonomists (animal morphology, cell, genetic, physiological, ecological and geographical distribution) classification, the animal is divided into 6 main classes, i.e., classes, door orders, families and genera and species.

According to fossil studies, the earliest animals on earth originated from the ocean. The early marine animals gradually evolved various branches after long geological periods, which enriched the early life forms of the earth. Before human emergence, prehistoric animals appeared and flourished in their respective activities. Later, they were extinct in the constantly changing living environment. However, the animals on earth continue to evolve and evolve from low to high, from simple to complex, and have today's diversity.

Scientists classify existing human known animals into two broad groups: invertebrate and vertebrate. Scientists have identified more than 46900 species of vertebrates. Including carp, yellow croaker and other animal fish, snakes, lizards and other reptiles, animal, frog, giant amphibian animal, birds and other mammals such as animal red panda.

The scientists also found about 1300000 species of invertebrates. Most of these animals are insects, most of which are beetles. Slugs, earthworms, oysters, squid, red spider, starfish, jellyfish, coral, radiolaria, roundworm, tapeworm, worms, snails and slugs are invertebrates.