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Adjust the custom design coins record

Adjust the custom design coins record

Round coins, with silver plating, filled with soft enamel color, size is 2.5 inch.

Following parts of communication.

I truly appreciate you help thus far. I am not an expert with coins however, would like the actual coin to be a silver color (or shiny). I am not familiar with zinc alloy and based on the design picture it looks dole. Does the nickel plating give the coin the silver look and still be durable? Also, how much more would epoxying the K be? Thank you again for your time.

What we should reply is as following.

1. The coins can be very shinny colro plating, like the silver color.

2. The material is zinc alloy.

3. The nickle plating give the coins silver look and more durable than silver plating.

3. To add epoxy on the K will cause US$20 additioanl cost.

thank you!