F.A.Q is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of custom lapel pins , Lapel trading pins and other metal gifts. if you want to wholesale the most professional LAPEL PINS, looking durable, elegant and affordable , here is your place. A lot of versatile and popular custom Lapel trading pins will catch your eyes and help you create greater promotional value on today's market. A huge hot sale for the pins will also greatly reduce the cost and increase your profit dramatically.
Various custom lapel pins
New Product
Swim Team Lapel Pins
Swim Team Lapel Pins
Eagle Enamel Lapel Pins
Eagle Enamel Lapel Pin
Round P Sandblast Golden Lapel Pins
Round P Sandblast Gold
GEM Award Antique Gold Pins
GEM Award Antique Gold
3D Eagle Pins Silver Plating
3D Eagle Pins Silver P
2011 Matte Gold Pins With Ring
2011 Matte Gold Pins W